Party Guidelines

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Thank you so much for hosting your event here with us here at The Ridge Activity Center! This document is meant to provide clear and specific policy and guidelines that must be followed at all times while hosting your event.


● All rentals are on a first come first serve basis unless a payment has been made to lock in your date and
time. No reservations will be held without a deposit. The remaining balance may be paid upon arrival.
● We require all parties to have a party room for the duration of their event. This is for a minimum of two
hours. Additional time may be added at an additional price and subject to availability.
● There will be a $50/ hour charge for any additional time that is used after your time frame to cover staff
and overhead if not coordinated prior to your event.
● Any additional extensive cleaning will result in an $50/ hour cleaning fee and any damages will be
charged in full repair price.

Responsibilities During Your Event

● Turn in your food order at least 48 hours prior to your event.
● Making sure all guests are familiar and aware of our policy and guidelines.
● Children must be supervised at all times by parents or chaperones.
● Decorating facility for events per regulations & on-site staff direction.
● Monitoring guest activity & communicating with on-site staff.
● Informing staff of any food or drink spills for immediate clean-up.
● Event Schedule / Planned events within your rented area and allocated time frame.
● All waivers are asked to be signed and completed prior to the event. Parents will need to create an
account and complete the waiver for any minors. Waivers only need to be completed for active
participants. Waivers may be completed at the facility as well however, we do ask to have your guests
show up early so it does not cut into your playtime.


● Decorations are the responsibility of the host as well as removal and clean up after the event.
● Masking tape and scotch tape (Not provided) are acceptable. No staples, nails or tacks are allowed on any
wall or equipment.
● All decorations must be fireproof or made of fire retardant materials.
● No decorations will be permitted within 18 inches of ceiling sprinklers or attached to the light fixtures.
● No open flames including candles and sparklers are permitted. You may have candles for your celebratory
dessert as long as it is not for a long period of time.
● Piñatas, decoration sprinkles, glitter, confetti, helium balloons, No regular balloons with confetti inside,
rice, and birdseed are not allowed inside or outside of the facility.
Cancellations/ Changes
● All cancellations and changes must be in writing and received before the cancellation deadline (see
● The Security Deposit will be forfeited if a cancellation is made after the deadline and will be credited to
your account.
● Cancellation Deadline/change: You will have (5) days prior to your event to cancel and receive a refund.
You will also have (5) days prior to your event to make any changes. These changes include but are not
limited to reducing your amount of guests, lowering food order, rescheduling etc.

Facility Rules and Regulations

● Outside food and beverages of any kind, other than a celebratory dessert is not permitted. Please notify
the event planner for a special request in regards to food restrictions.
● Smoking, Vaping, & Drugs are not permitted anywhere in the Gym or on the facility.
● Offensive and obscene language, music or gestures are not permitted in the Gym or the facility.
● Please refrain from roaming around the facility as we may have other events happening.
● Occupying any other room or location in the facility is prohibited unless otherwise arranged prior.
● Any individual who is involved in a fight or illegal behavior will be banned from the facility permanently. All
acts of violence will be immediately reported to the police for full enforcement by the law.
● All facilities are to be left in the condition they were found. (Restrooms included)
● Any damage or injuries must be reported immediately to The RAC.
● The RAC is not responsible for any personal loss or stolen property.
● The RAC reserves the right to ask any individual to leave the property at any time.
● Carrying a concealed weapon including firearms or knives on the premises is prohibited.

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