EnRIDGEment Instructors

Brian Wong
Pencil Art Teacher
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30pm ages 7+ 

Brian is an aspiring illustrator and concept artist who graduated with a full scholarship from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Animation. He enjoys both digital and traditional art. His passion is Illustration and concept art. He loves using color, shapes, lighting, and composition techniques to be able to tell a story through an image. He has experience in illustration, character design, concept art, art instruction/education, advertisement, game art, and much more. He wants to expand his artistic knowledge and grow as an artist. Creating art brings him so much joy and wants to share my passion and talent with the world. Brian is also The Ridge Activity Center’s Graphic Designer/Artist! 


Chloe O’Loughlin
Beginning Ballet & Hip Hop Teacher
Mondays 5:00pm, 6:00pm, Wednesdays 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm

Chloe has been dancing for 20 years and teaching for 3 years in many different styles including Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. Chloe is a devout believer, who strives to leave a positive long lasting impact on those who encounter her leading with grace and an abundance of love. Her mission is to support and facilitate growth in the lives of the people around her, but her greatest joy is being of service in her community by doing the thing she loves most, which is of course dancing! Chloe is actively leading, mentoring and educating both youths and adults to become the best versions of themselves while enjoying every second of it. She is also the Ridge Activity Center’s Assistant Manager.


Eden Carpenter
Beginning Piano Teacher
Thursdays ages 5+ (times vary)

Eden is currently Studying worship and music at Northwest University. She has taken piano lessons for 5 years, and voice lessons for 6 years and is currently in piano lessons. She is apart of the Choralons at Northwest University where they have outreaches to churches and so much more that gives them the opportunity to speak Jesus to those in the local area. She is very eager and excited to be able to guide students in their musical learning journey.

Julie Gonzales
Beginning Piano & Voice Teacher
Saturdays ages 5+  (times vary)

Miss Julie is currently attending Northwest University majoring in Music Ed. She has trained with professional voice instructors and is trained in classical piano. As a music major, she has worked as an elementary music teacher in Japan and led an afterschool music program. She is currently a member of the Northwest University Choralons. Her goal is to help others develop skills in piano and voice that will excite them to continue learning more and find an appreciation and love for music. She is excited to be a part of that! 


Katie Schmid
Art Teacher
Mondays 4:00pm ages 4-6

Katie’s passion is teaching children to love art. She has a Bachelor’s Degree  in Fine Art and Graphic Design and has been a PreSchool teacher for 8 years. She has a wonderful husband of 21 years and a mom to 3 wonderful boys. Giving students confidence in their abilities and watching them grow in their skills is always first and foremost for Katie. Growing up, she had so many wonderful mentors that encouraged my love of art and now it’s her turn to instill this same love into her students!


Kaylie Englund
Piano Teacher
Tuesdays ages 5+  Beginning Level Classes (times vary)

From Jazz to Classical piano, Kaylie has been playing the piano for eight years. She plays in Christian worship band at school, and has grown up assisting her four younger siblings in learning piano. Currently a Junior in high school, she is passionate about teaching kids. Kaylie’s great-grandmother has been a source of inspiration for her, since she is still vigorously playing piano at hundred years old. Kaylie’s hope is for her students to find a love for music, which they will continue to appreciate throughout their lives.

Melissa Carlstedt
Baking/Cooking Teacher
Mondays 4:00pm ages 6-10

Melissa has 15 years of experience working in the restaurant hospitality industry and is currently the food services coordinator here at Ridge Christian Academy Preschool. She has a passion for cooking and baking. Melissa is excited to share her love of food with students. Melissa received her first baking lessons from her Grandmother who raised her. Her grandma taught her the traditions of their Nordic culture, especially during the Holidays. Learning to cook has so many benefits for children. In addition to kids being more willing to try things they make, cooking will help them to learn to follow instructions. Cooking improves math and reading skills, helps develop motor coordination and overall language and vocabulary development. We are so excited to cook with you. Come make something delicious in class with us! 


Melissa Nelson
Preschool Music Teacher
Saturdays 9:30am or 10:30am ages walking – 5 years old

Miss Lissa is a big believer in the power of music and its effects on young children. Did you know that exposure to music early on is a powerful influence on a child’s language development; ie. language, math, verbal and physical skills? Plus, it is FUN! Miss Lissa is a Preschool and Music Teacher for the Ridge Christian Academy School.


Steve Gonzales
Mix Martial Arts
Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00pm or 4:30pm ages 4+

This class is led by Steve Gonzales, who has been training for over 26 years, and Teaching for 22 years in Wing Chun Do, The Martial Art Bruce Lee started when he came to Seattle. Steve has been teaching our EnRIDGEment classes for  4+ seasons. 


Tatum O’Brien
Beginning Ballet & Hip Hop Teacher
Mondays 5:00pm, 6:00pm, Wednesdays 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm

Tatum is 19 years old. She has been dancing for 11 years now and has fallin in love with it. She trains professionally at Kollective8 Arts dance studio. She is currently at Bellevue College, and hopes to move to LA in the near future! She enjoys going out with friends and family and is passionate about teaching kids. She was one of our Lead Dance Teachers this past Summer in our Explore at the Ridge camps!