Ridge Kids Sports Club

Jadyn Mueller, lifetime local resident to Snohomish, joins us at The Ridge Kids Sports Club!


Jadyn has played soccer for over 10 years in Snohomish United, Club, Select, and school.
Jadyn has also played basketball her whole life on traveling AAU teams, clubs, and school.

In her free time she plays volleyball, softball, golfing, bowling and hiking in our beautiful PNW.

Jadyn picked up tennis also during high school and qualified for a full ride scholarship to Bellevue College.

She teaches 3 – 7 year olds in a variety of sports.

Jadyn, currently studying to be an elementary school teacher, has a full ride with her tennis scholarship. She loves teaching children sports, watching them learn and succeed while having fun. Jadyn loves how it can help build motor skills, self esteem, team work opportunities, and the love of sports.

Open to the Public

Preschool Cubs Class

  • 11- 12:15 pm Mondays OR
  • 11 – 12:15pm Wednesdays


  • January : Soccer
  • February: Soccer
  • March: T-ball Monday , Tennis Wednesdays
  • April : T-ball Monday , Tennis Wednesdays
  • May :: T-ball Monday , Tennis Wednesdays
  • June :: T-ball Monday , Tennis Wednesdays

$100/month includes:

35 min class + 30 min play on the Climbing Jungle + tshirt each week